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Family Court - Guidance Notes for E-Appointment System

  1. This e-appointment system is for booking an appointment for submitting an intended petition for divorce or joint application at the Family Court Registry by unrepresented litigants.
  2. Each time slot is reserved for the submission of one intended petition or joint application only.
  3. The earliest booking date is the next working day.
  4. Before making an appointment, an applicant is advised to read the booklet through the following link:
  5. To facilitate submission of the intended petition or joint application, applicants may download the application forms and complete them before the appointment. Forms can be downloaded from the link provided below, or obtained in person at the Family Court Registry. For further information, please call 2840 1218.
  6. When attending your appointment, you should take the completed application form, i.e. either a petition or joint application and where appropriate, a Form 2B or Form 2D and other documents as set out below:
    1. (i) identity card/document; and
    2. (ii) original marriage certificate or a certified true copy.
  7. If the applicant is late for the appointment for 10 minutes or more, he will be regarded as “absent”. The applicant has to make another on-line appointment for another day, unless there are remaining quotas for walk-in users on the same day.
  8. The applicant who makes an appointment via the e-Appointment System should be the same person who attends the Family Court Registry to go through the formalities on the appointment day.
  9. An applicant with an advanced booking please approach to Counter 3 of the Family Court Registry and present his appointment letter at the counter.
  10. Please be reminded that an advance appointment does not necessarily guarantee a successful submission of the intended application. A petition for divorce or joint application will only be accepted if all the required forms and documents are ready.
  11. If the applicant chooses to receive an appointment reminder for a successful appointment, he has to provide his email address. A reminder will then be sent to his email address 3 working days before the appointment date.
  12. For those applicants who have repeated “absent” records, their further on-line booking may be blocked for a certain period of time.
Note: The Family Court Registry reserves the right to revise the arrangements as set out above and to take proper measures, without further notice, to prevent, stop or otherwise remedy any abusive use of the system.
version as at 18 November 2021

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